Meet The Founder

Odobie is a 18-year-old girl who loves art, reading and planning events with her friends. When she was just eight months old, she received the diagnosis of Sickle Cell Anemia, of which there is no cure. The disease can cause anemia, episodes of pain, swelling, frequent infections, delayed growth, and vision problems.



For Odobie, this meant many doctor’s visits and tests – as well as three surgeries. Her latest operation was back surgery in 2018 to help manage her pain. Odobie’s mom Adobie has done her best to be by her side through everything. As with so many families with sick children, her mom has to juggle the grueling responsibilities of home and work on top of managing Odobie’s treatment.



Odobie and her mom have been working with The Sickle Cell Disease Association of Canada and the Sickle Cell Association of British Columbia to raise awareness about this disease. Odobie is a loving big sister to her 7 year-old sister Olittia. Odobie and Adobie are the founders of Sickle Cell Apparel. 50% of our profit goes towards donating money towards Sickle Cell Research.


Sickle Cell Apparel was created to raise awareness for Sickle Cell Anemia and to help fund research by donating a percentage of each sale item so that we may someday have a cure for this disease.